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Meet the Inclusion Ambassadors

Meet the

“We are people with additional support needs from all across Scotland trying to improve things for others”

The Inclusion Ambassadors

The Inclusion Ambassadors currently represent 16 local authorities across Scotland. They meet regularly online and in person to discuss their experiences of education.

The group was originally created to make sure the views of pupils with additional support needs are heard. They share what they think with lots of people who make decisions about education in Scotland.

Each member of the group gets something different from being an Inclusion Ambassador. It might be that being part of the group makes them happy, or they have the opportunity to learn new things and gain in confidence.

Below are some of the words that describe what being an Inclusion Ambassador means to the group:

An image of a word cloud that contains the following words and phrases: "Epic, Cool, Nice, Respect, Listening, Important, Engaging, Sociable, Helpful, Fun, Decent, Get stuff done, Chance to talk, Care, Making change, Gives us a voice, Effective". The back ground of the word cloud is white and the words are blue, orange, pink, green and dark grey. The Inclusion Ambassadors logo is in the bottom right hand corner. This logo consists of a circle made up of adjoining blue, orange, pink and green hands.

Whatever the reason for being involved, the group do important work and are proud of being Inclusion Ambassadors.

Find out a bit more about us…

Some of the things we like doing

Some of the reasons we got involved with the group

An illustration of a tub of pens and pencils. The tub has a design of wavy orange, white and green horizontal lines.

“The group gave a chance for young people with additional support needs to be heard.”  

“I had a terrible time in school and wanted to change things.”  

“This was an opportunity to be listened to.”  

“Curious to see what it was.”  

“I feel happy coming – was shy at first.”  

“Making a change.”  

“Working with people with similar experiences.”  

“There is nothing else really like it.”   

“When people see It they realise how important it is.”  

“Making friends.”

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