Help using this site

We hope you like this website. We try to make it easy and accessible for everyone to use.

Access for all

We try to make sure this site works with all kinds of computers, tablets, phones, internet browsers and screenreaders.

It  has a few options on the menu in the top right of the page to help you if you are finding it hard to read text.

You can change the text size

Select from 3 text size options

Gif showing text sizing options.

You can change the site layout

Click ‘Simple View’.

Gif showing simple view options for the site

Finding your way about the site  

This site has 3 sections:

  1. Get help: a series of pages on getting support with issues that can make school hard for you.
  2. My Say: a space for young people to have a say about issues in their lives and support that helps. There are categories, hashtags and a search to help you filter posts and find what you are looking for.
  3. Get in touch: info on contacting us, including an online form.

On computers, you can use your keyboard to navigate the site.

Here’s some of the basics:

  • Tab: will move forward from link to link or to controls
  • Shift + Tab: will move backward from link to link or to controls
  • Spacebar: will select buttons and select/deselect boxes
  • Arrow keys: will navigate and select Radio Buttons
  • Tab: will move from box to box
  • ALT + Down arrow: will open a List Box
  • CTRL + Home: will go to the top of the page
  • CTRL + End: will go to the bottom of the page

Need advice on special equipment and computers that can help you to overcome your disability and break down barriers to learning?

Contact CALL Scotland