Help using this site

We hope you like this website. We try to make it easy and accessible for everyone to use.

Access for all

We try to make sure the Reach website works with all kinds of computers, tablets, phones, internet browsers and screenreaders. Here are a few features on our website to help you access it:

You can change the text size

Select from 3 text size options

Gif showing text sizing options.

You can change the site layout

Click ‘Simple View’.

Gif showing simple view options for the site


On computers, you can use your keyboard to navigate the site: 

  • Tab: will move forward from link to link or to controls
  • Shift + Tab: will move backward from link to link or to controls
  • Spacebar: will select buttons and select/deselect boxes
  • Arrow keys: will navigate and select Radio Buttons
  • Tab: will move from box to box
  • ALT + Down arrow: will open a List Box
  • CTRL + Home: will go to the top of the page
  • CTRL + End: will go to the bottom of the page

More advice on making the digital world more accessible for you:

  1. For ideas about ways you can adjust your laptop, desktop, tablet or smartphone to make it easier for you to access info online if you have issues with hearing, seeing, motor skills, reading or spelling, Check out AbilityNet’s My Computer My Way. 
  2. CALL Scotland are also good people to know about if you want advice on special equipment to help you breakdown barriers to learning and overcome your disability.