Help me

I need help to learn or feel included in school

10 ways schools can support you if you need help to access school and feel more included:

  1. help with digital access so you can learn at home if you’re not able to be in school 
  2. more understanding from teachers if it takes you longer to do your work because it’s harder for you to access info online or in books
  3. a place to chill out so you can stay calm or cope with the noise and crowds in school.
  4. special equipment or technology that helps with your work
  5. more time in exams
  6. an interpreter to help you have your say
  7. help learning English if you come from a different country
  8. support to get to school, like a taxi
  9. someone to help you take medicine
  10. support from a social worker, therapist, advocate or other professional who can support you