Help me

I’m leaving school

Leaving school is a big change in your life – how are you feeling?

If you’re feeling worried about your future, remember that your school should start helping you get ready to leave at least a year before you are due to go.

Here are some of the ways your school could help you get ready to leave school:
  1. making sure you can get advice about your options
  2. helping you learn to live independently
  3. arranging work experience, volunteering or visits to colleges
  4. helping you write your CV
  5. sharing info with people (if you say this is ok) who might support you after you leave – like college staff or a social worker.
Advice we wish we’d known when we left school
  1. Remember that YOU know yourself best. You are making a choice for you and not for anyone else.
  2. You may decide to do something after school but then find it doesn’t work out. Don’t worry, lots of people end up doing something different from what they first planned.