Help me

I’m leaving school

Leaving school is a big change in your life.

Your school should start helping you get ready to leave at least a year before you are due to go.

The people who support you should work with you to make plans for when you leave school. You should be given the chance to share your interests, hopes and dreams for the future, and to have your say about what kind of help you think you might need.

Here are some of the ways your school could help you get ready to leave:
  1. making sure you can get advice about your options
  2. helping you learn to live independently
  3. arranging work experience, volunteering or visits to colleges
  4. helping you write your CV
  5. sharing info with people (if you say this is ok) who might support you after you leave – like college staff or a social worker.
Worried about the future?

You might feel worried about the future and what SQA grades you’ll get. Remember, your grades don’t define you. Whatever they are, you do have options for your future. Lots of people in interesting jobs have not taken a straight or obvious path to get there. There is no wrong path.