Help me

I’m changing schools

Starting at a new school is a big change in your life.

8 tips that might help you if you’re changing schools:
  1. If you have additional support needs, your old school should work with you, your family and your new school to plan the support you need in your new school.
  2. Remember that making new friends takes time. Try to find people who you have similar interests with.
  3. If you can, visit the new school so you know what to expect.
  4. Find out what school uniform or other kit you need. If your family are finding it hard to afford, talk to the school about government grants, second hand sales and other things that might help.
  5. Try out the journey to school so you feel ok about how to get there.
  6. Keep your timetable with you so you know what classes you have and where they are.
  7. Secondary schools can be big places. If you get lost, ask a teacher or an older pupil to help you find your class.
  8. Find out if your new school has buddying, where an older pupil helps you settle in.