Help me

I feel worried about school

If you’re feeling low or anxious about school, remember you’re not alone. Lots of people feel that way. Here are some things you can try that might make things easier for you:

  • talk to someone you trust who can help you think about what your options are and see things more clearly
  • tell your teacher if there is a part of school life you are struggling with like relationships or the homework
  • break down big challenges into smaller ones, and then tackle each one at a time
  • try to get a good night’s sleep – when you’re tired, things feel worse
  • ask if you can reduce your timetable to help you cope
  • follow some revision tips to help you deal with exam stress
  • try to find friends who understand how you feel and are into the same things as you
  • get advice online and listen to how other young people have got through it – check out our ideas below.