A guide to help you understand changes about how the Scottish Qualifications Authority (SQA) will make decisions about your results in 2022.
How will SQA be grading Nat 5s, Highers and Advanced Highers?

The current plan is for exams to go ahead this year between April and June. However, SQA are taking into account all the disruption (mostly because of absences) that has and is still happening in schools.

Should exams be cancelled this year, your teachers will make assessments about your results. There would also be more information and guidance about what this would look like.

What kind of extra support is available for me this year?

Like in previous years, if you need additional support – either during the year or at exam time – your school can make arrangements to give you extra support to sit your exams. This may be extra time or access to technology.

In addition to the usual support that’s available, SQA is providing more information to help with your revision and exams. This is because of all the uncertainty around covid and the amount of time pupils and teachers have missed from school.

SQA will provide revision support for all courses that have an exam. There has already been changes made to some of the assessments you would normally do, but now you will be given more information about your exam topics. This may be study guides, topics that will or will not be included in your exams or the option to take in study notes.

This information will be available from 7th March 2022 to help with revision ahead of the Easter holidays.

You can find a list of modifications for each subject here.

What if I can’t attend any of my exams?

If you can’t attend an exam because of a medical reason – including because of covid – teachers who have been chosen by the SQA will assess the work you have done throughout the year. Your school will have to send evidence of your work to the SQA where it will be assessed.

How will results be appealed this year?

You will be able to appeal your results. In 2022, you will continue to have free direct access to the appeals service and a priority service will also be available for those applying to university, college, training or employment.

More information about appeals will be published soon.

I’ve missed lots of school this year, will I still have to sit my exams?

Yes. Pupils are always encouraged to sit their exams wherever possible. If you sit your exam but believe you didn’t do as well as you could have because of things beyond your control in the lead up to your exam, you will need to wait until your results on 9th August. You can then appeal your results.

Feeling worried?

You might feel anxious or upset about these changes and how they will impact you but you are not alone. For example, members of the Inclusion Ambassadors network have shared their thoughts about exams and assessments.

Speak to someone at your school that you trust if you have worries or if you feel you need extra support with your learning.

Remember, your grades don’t define you. Whatever they are, you do have options for your future. Lots of people in interesting jobs have not taken a straight or obvious path to get there. There’s no wrong path.

Your school can support you and guide you on the next best steps forward after you leave school. There are also organisations who are there for you to help you figure out your next steps after leaving school.

You can get answers to lots of other questions you might have about your grades from SQA here.

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