Feeling stressed about exam day? Read these tips…
  1. make sure you have a healthy breakfast – your brain needs the energy
  2. take a bottle of water into the exam room – there’s scientific evidence that it helps you focus and stops headaches
  3. before the exam starts, find a quiet spot (even the loo will do!) and take 5 deep breaths
  4. when you’re waiting to go into the exam room, avoid chats with other pupils about what you know (or don’t know) – it will just stress you out
  5. when you open the exam paper, read all the questions before you start
  6. answer the easier questions first before you tackle the tricky ones
  7. keep an eye on the clock so you know how much time you’ve got left
  8. after the exam, do something chilled that will help you unwind

SQA have got more good tips for getting it right on exam day….