What’s changed as a result of young people campaigning about the downgrading of SQA results?

The Scottish Government have listened to the voices of thousands of young people in Scotland who campaigned about the downgrading of SQA results. As a result, all downgraded awards have been withdrawn. The SQA will re-issue those awards that were downgraded, and they will be now based only on your teachers’ estimates.

So how will SQA be grading pupils?

Your SQA final results will be based solely on the estimates given by your school. Your teachers have worked out grade estimates by looking at the work you’ve done, your progress and the knowledge of the subject you’ve shown, and then have used this to estimate your grade. They’ve had to follow SQA guidance about how to estimate grades, and senior teachers have been checking that they’ve estimated fairly.

Will I be getting a new SQA awards certificate?

That depends on what grades you were told on the 4th August.

You WILL get a new SQA awards certificate if you were awarded lower than your estimated grade on the 4th August. You will be upgraded to the estimate and you will get a revised certificate. You will be able to see your amended results on MySQA later this month once it’s been updated.

But you WON’T get a revised certificate if, on the 4th August, you were awarded higher than your estimated grade. Your award will stay the same as it says on your certificate.

I’ve got additional support needs and I had to do most of my coursework without support during lockdown. Has this been taken into account when my grades have been estimated?

Your teachers should be aware that you’ve had to do most of your coursework without support during lockdown and should have taken this into account when they estimated your grades.

Your right to appeal

If you still don’t feel you have been graded fairly or have questions about your results, you should speak to your school. In certain cases it may be possible for your school to submit an appeal – for example if there’s been an admin error in the grading process or your school thinks your estimate may have been affected by discrimination. Priority for appealing grades will be given to learners needing a result to secure a conditional place at college or uni. Find out more about appealing your SQA results.

You can get answers to lots of other questions you might have about your grades from SQA here.

Feeling stressed about your future plans?

You might feel worried or upset about how you’ve been graded and how this will impact on your future plans. It’s really important that you stay connected with your school and your teachers at this time so they can support you and guide you on the next best steps forward.

There are also several organisations who are there for you to help you figure out your next steps after leaving school.

Remember, your grades don’t define you. Whatever they are, you do have options for your future. Lots of people in interesting jobs have not taken a straight or obvious path to get there. There’s #NoWrongPath.