Understand how you’ll be graded during coronavirus

Because of coronavirus, the Scottish Government decided that exams for all Scottish school pupils had to be cancelled this year.

If you were expecting to sit your Highers or other exams this year, it might feel like an uncertain time for you and you might be worried about what this change means for you and your future plans.

The Scottish Qualifications Authority (SQA) is doing everything it can to make sure that all of your hard work at school and your achievements as a learner are recognised in as fair and reliable a way as possible.

How will I be graded?

This year your results will be based on the grades your teachers estimate you would have received. Your teachers have used their skills to look at all the work you’ve already done and the knowledge of the subject you have shown in your work, and have used this to estimate your grade.

When will I find out about my grades?

You will be sent your results by Tuesday 4 August 2020. If you’re able to, please sign up for MySQA so you receive your results by text and/or email.

What if I’m not happy with my grades?

If you are unhappy with your grade you may be able to ask for it to be reviewed. Tell your school that you aren’t happy and that you would like them to appeal the result for you. Make sure you contact them as soon after you get your results on the 4 August as possible.

Feeling stressed about these changes to how you’ll be graded?

You might feel worried or upset about these changes to how you’ll be graded. It’s really important that you stay connected with your school and your teachers at this time so they can support you and guide you on next best steps forward.

During this uncertain time, there are still organisations who are there for you to help you figure out your next steps after leaving school – check out this post for school leavers to find out who can give you advice and support. The SQA is working closely with employers, colleges and universities to make sure that the impact of coronavirus doesn’t affect your plans after school. The SQA have also said they are committed to the Equality Act in all their work and are doing an equality impact assessment about they have awarded your results this year.

You can get more info from SQA about estimates, awarding, results and appeals on their learner support page.

Check out this helpful video from Young Scot where the head of SQA answer’s young people’s questions about how coronavirus is affecting coursework, exams and results