Body image issues can knock your confidence at school

Do you feel under pressure from people at school to have the ‘perfect’ body? Social media, magazines, TV, films – sometimes it can feel like you can’t get away from all those pics of celebrities that tell you how you should look, what you should eat, and how you should behave.

Young people’s views on body confidence

If you find it hard to feel confident at school because of how you look, you’re not alone. Here are some of the findings from a survey by the YMCA called Somebody Like Me, where secondary school pupils all over the UK were asked about how they feel about their body image:

  1. More than half of young people (52%) said they often worry about the way they look.
  2. Almost a third (30%) of secondary school pupils said that not feeling confident about their bodies had made them isolate themselves so they didn’t have to take part in sport or other activities.
  3. Almost three in five (57%) have or would consider going on a diet to change the way they look.
  4. One in 10 (10%) would even consider having cosmetic surgery to change the way they look.

The Be Real Campaign – let’s celebrate our REAL bodies

The Be Real Campaign is out to change how we feel about our bodies. They’re working with schools to encourage pupils to celebrate REAL bodies, of all shapes and sizes – each one completely and perfectly unique. If you think your school should do more to help pupils feel confident about their bodies, tell your teachers about this Be Real toolkit. The Be Real Campaign are also asking fashion, music and advertising companies to sign a pledge to say they will use more natural, real images of people – instead of airbrushing, using photoshop and only choosing super skinny models or blokes with big muscles.

Check out this film to find out more: