Beat Young Ambassador

If you’re struggling at school because of eating issues, then Kathyrn – Young Ambassador for the eating disorder charity B-eat – understands how you feel:

“School can be difficult …. you may feel left out, not good enough, like you don’t fit in and that people are talking about you behind your back. Pressures of doing well at school can get overwhelming as you are unable to concentrate and perform your best in class. Tiredness may prevent you from doing your homework, revising and doing well in tests. P.E at school comes with its challenges too. It may be changing in front of peers that you are uncomfortable with or you may not be able to take part at all because of a doctor’s orders.”

You are never alone with an eating disorder. B-eat are there to help. Call the B-eat Youthline on 0808 801 0711 or think about joining one of their online support groups.