Pupils with learning disabilities in Scotland have had their say about what school is like for them and whether they feel included.

116 young people with learning disabilities shared their experiences of school as a part of a campaign called Included in the Main?! run by Enable Scotland.

Here are some of the things they found out from the pupils that took part in the survey:

  • 60% of the pupils said they feel lonely at school
  • only half of those asked feel like they are achieving their full potential at school
  • 23% don’t get to go on school trips
  • more than half said they felt like they weren’t getting the right support at school.

Enable Scotland also asked teachers and families what they thought and, after looking at all the results, have come up with 22 steps they think will make things better at school for young people with learning disabilities. These steps include stuff like:

  • making sure teachers get the right training so they can get better at supporting pupils with disabilities and their families,
  • making sure schools teach all pupils about learning difficulties
  • helping schools get even better at identifying support needs early.

You can check out some of the stories young people have shared with Enable Scotland here.  enable-case-studies

If you feel lonely at school or don’t feel like you get the right support we’ve lots of advice to help you here or you can call our helpline on 0345 123 2303.