Starting at a new school is a big change in your life, especially when you’ve not been able to go to school for a while because of the coronavirus lockdown.

Below, a young person with dyslexia shared how she’s feeling with Reach. If you’re feeling worried yourself about moving schools, it might help to read it and know you’re not the only one….

How I feel about moving school

“I am a  bit worried  about going to high school. I am worried about homework and not being able to do it and I am worried about not being in a class with my friends and about getting bullied as there are big older children who might do that.  I am not worried about getting lost as I know my way around the school. I think it will be nice to make new friends.”

My life in lockdown during coronavirus school closures

“I don’t like the schools being closed coz of coronavirus. It’s not as much fun trying to do school work at home. But I  like that I can sleep in and don’t have to rush to school.

I don’t think I am learning very well and not doing it properly. My mum tries to help but it’s not the same as having my teacher. I am really sad I missed the last term at school because we do lots of fun stuff and I didn’t get to say goodbye to my friends who are going to a different school to me next year.”

Help Support Advice Guidance

What would help me going back to school after coronavirus.

“I’d like it if some of the older pupils could show us around. Maybe people from my school last year

I like that I have a guidance teacher who is the person I speak to if I am worried. And if I was being bullied I could talk to them.

If I couldn’t go back to school all of the time because of the coronavirus I think that would be OK as long I was with some of my friends when I was there.”

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