Moving school: Eilidh’s story

Eilidh tell Reach how she felt about leaving her primary school and going to secondary school. She uses a wheelchair so it was important for her to know that her new school was making plans to ensure she had the support she needed. 

Hi 🙂 I’m Eilidh. This is what I thought before I went to visit the new school:

1: N O SPELLS NO! Mum is looking too early. After all I’m only going into p6. It’s like putting on your pyjamas 3 hours before you go to sleep.

2: WHAT HIGH SCHOOL? ? ? I want a ” small” High School. One that I won’t get lost in. And one that I can take my best friend Jemmy to.

3: IT’S A LITTLE BIT SCARY It’s a big huge step going to high school. And I’m just a tiny winy bit scared. My primary school is tiny.

And this is what I thought after I’d been to visit the secondary school:

1: MY VISIT TO THE HIGH SCHOOL When I visited I thought “wow this high school is big”  but i got the general idea of what it’ll be like on my last day of primary school and my first day of high school .

2: GETTING LOST The carpets were colour coded so you would not get lost. Yeah it’s very wheelchair friendly.

3: I’M NOT GOING NEXT WEEK MUM! Mum is too ahead of the tracks. It’s 2 years now, that is plenty of time. I’ve agreed to go again to get used to it.

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