5 things to know about planning your move to a new school

  1. If you get additional support for learning and you are changing schools, your school should work with you and your family to plan your move and the support you will need at your new school.
  2. You might feel shy about having your say at meetings, but getting involved in planning your move to a new school can help make sure that the support in your new school is what you want and need. Find out more about having your say in decisions made about you at school here.
  3. If you say it’s ok, your old school will share info with the new school about the support you need.
  4. Secondary school will be a bigger and busier environment, with more staff and pupils to get to know. The change might mean that you need different support than at primary school.
  5. Your new school must keep your support needs under review. If any issues come up after you start high school, the school can still make changes to your support.