Pupil participation

Why it’s good to go to meetings

Meeting at school to discuss your support? Here’s some important reasons why it’s good to go.

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Pupil voice: eczema really affects me at school because I find myself distracted

A young person shares their story and has a say about how schools could support young people with eczema.

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Pupil voice: Chantelle, a young Gypsy Traveller

“People say things like ‘oh, the Gypsies are coming to school – make sure you’ve got your school bag with you because they steal.’ People hear things like that on TV and in the newspapers but if they spoke to us they’d realise that we’re not like that

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Your rights

What if I disagree with decisions made about what’s right for me at school?

Find out different ways to sort out disagreements about your support in school.

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Leaving school

Information your school might pass on when you leave

Making sure the right people know what support you need after you leave school is important. But so is respecting your privacy.

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