Money and housing issues

Pupil voice: How poverty affects young people

Money issues? You’re not the only one.

Here are some ways schools can help pupils whose families are struggling with the costs of the school day:

  1. school clothing grants
  2. help to access money and welfare advice
  3. help with food or other costs during school holidays.

Get advice from Child Poverty Action Group Scotland and check out their film.

Young carers

Young carers’ views – feeling ok?

“Coping with being a young carer is difficult, yes, but I feel proud that I’m making sure my family are okay”. Young carers share their views with the Children and Young People’s Commissioner for Scotland.

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Care experienced

The First Minister Nicola Sturgeon is listening to 1,000 care experienced voices

“I think it is vital for our voices to be heard. We are the ones that live within the system so we know how it really works and what it feels like, better than anyone else”. Find out why listening to care experienced young people is so important.

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Family in prison

“It’s like I am carrying a giant invisible secret”

How one young person feels about their parent being in prison.

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Money and housing issues

How poverty impacts on learning: biggest ever survey with pupils in Scotland

Your voice: Poverty is a BIG issue for young people.

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Money and housing issues

Interviews about help at school for pupils who have been made homeless

Every day 60 children are made homeless in Scotland. A youth group from Shelter share their ideas for extra help that might make school easier for them.

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Money and housing issues

About about being homeless

A warm welcome at a new school

These brilliant pics have been made for us by children at Shelter Scotland about their experiences of school.

Money and housing issues

Your rights – home life


Did you know that you have the right to a good enough standard of living?

Rights are like promises to young people to keep you safe, look after you and treat you fairly.

Find out more from the Children and Young People’s Commissioner.

Money and housing issues

Things tough at home?

Here are some of the issues at home that might mean you need extra support at school:

  • family arguments or parents splitting up
  • someone dying
  • moving to a new country and not knowing if you can stay
  • helping to care for someone at home
  • being homeless or in temporary housing
  • being in care
  • having a family member in prison
  • not having enough money for food, school uniform or school trips.

Money and housing issues

I’m thinking about running away

Who to talk to if school problems get so bad you want to run away from home.

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