Supporting LGBT young people at school

If you’re questioning your sexuality or whether to come out at school, find out about ways that schools can support LGBT pupils.

Remember that you have the right to an education free from discrimination and bullying. You should not have to defend or hide who you truly are.

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Pupil voice: LGBT+ young person – “I am recovering from depression and anxiety… mainly because of bullying at school.” 

Getting bullied at school because of your sexual orientation can take its toll on your mental health. Find out how LGBT young people are campaigning for change.

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Young people have a say

The Inclusion Ambassadors: “We need to be treated equally”

Young people with diverse support needs campaigning for everyone to be included, no one left out.

Mental health

Looking for a counsellor?

Counselling is a safe space to talk about issues at school. Find out how to look for a counsellor near you.

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Homophobia at school – being bullied about your sexual orientation

LGBT Youth Scotland film for people who are being bullied or are just trying to work out who they really are…

Lots of schools now have LGBT societies and groups you can join to get support.