Support for learning

My Rights, My Say – help for 12-15 year olds to speak up about support for learning

Throughout coronavirus, My Rights, My Say is still working to help children aged 12-15 with additional support needs to speak up about the support they need with their education.

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Support for learning

I’m finding it hard to concentrate on learning at home during coronavirus

5 tips if you find it hard to focus on school work while you’re at home during Coronavirus.

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Out of school

Where can I find help with school work during the coronavirus?

During the coronavirus pandemic everybody involved with your education is working hard to keep learning whilst schools are closed. Every school is helping their pupils in different ways. Most have been been putting ideas and resources for learning online or sending it to pupils directly. If you haven’t heard from your school, you don’t know […]

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Bullying can happen even if you’re not at school.

It might be that you’re:

– being called names

being made to feel small

– being teased

– having rumours spread about you

– being ignored and left out

– being threatened.

If you think you’re being bullied whilst the schools are closed, here are some tips that could help:

– try not to panic, you can still get help even though you’re not at school

– keep screenshots of any nasty messages or images that you receive

– tell someone you trust or get in touch with an organisation, like Childline that can give you advice

– change your social media profiles to private

– unfollow people

– remove yourself from any negative groups

– block anyone who is sending you messages you’re not happy with.

Out of school

Changes to education because of Coronavirus

Some of the new laws to protect people in the UK from the spread of coronavirus are affecting schools, education and support for learning.

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Support for learning

We’re sharing ideas for accessible home learning on twitter

Pupil participation

Pupil Voice: I am visually impaired and this is what helps me feel supported at school

Find out more about how schools can support pupils who are visually impaired.

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Mediation – what it is and how it could help resolve disagreements about your support at school

Find out more about what mediation is and how it can help solve disagreements.

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Your rights

What if I disagree with decisions made about what’s right for me at school?

Find out different ways to sort out disagreements about your support in school.

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Out of school

Pupil voice: I’m at risk of exclusion. This is how the Inclusion Unit helped me.

Reach met with a group of young people about how the Inclusion Unit at their school has helped them keep learning.

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