Ethnic Minority Young People

Pupil Voice: Young refugees talk about their education in Scotland

Can you imagine having to leave behind your home, friends and family and go on your own to a new country you know nothing about? Find out what it’s like for young refugees in Scotland and the support they need to get the most out of their education.

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Ethnic Minority Young People

What’s it like to be a young refugee in the UK?

Are any of the pupils at your school refugees? This film by Freedom from Torture can help you understand what they’ve been through.

Ethnic Minority Young People

Being a Sikh in Scotland

Did you know there are about 500,000 Sikhs in Britain? Reach speaks to a young girl from Sikh Sanjog.

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Racist bullying

Nobody has the right to treat you badly because of the colour of your skin, where you’re from, what you eat and wear, or what your religion is. A film by minority ethnic young people at Shakti Women’s Aid.

Money and housing issues

Things tough at home?

Here are some of the issues at home that might mean you need extra support at school:

  • family arguments or parents splitting up
  • someone dying
  • moving to a new country and not knowing if you can stay
  • helping to care for someone at home
  • being homeless or in temporary housing
  • being in care
  • having a family member in prison
  • not having enough money for food, school uniform or school trips.