An organisation called The Fostering Network looked at how many times teenagers who live with foster carers (carers who are not family members) are moved around.

The findings show:

  1. Teenagers move from between foster families quite a lot – 40% have moved at least once. Some teenagers have been with more than six families.
  2. Moving between foster families can be upsetting and can make going to school really hard, especially if you are worried about where you are going to stay or have to move schools.
  3. It can also be hard to keep up with school work.

If you are with a foster family, tell them or your social worker if you’re struggling in school. With you, they can look at the the bits of school you are finding hard and together you can work out what support might help.

Lots of people need support in school so don’t worry about asking for help.

And remember – once you reach your 12th birthday you have the right to be more involved in decisions about your support.My Rights My Say logo

This means you can:
  1. Ask your school to find out if you need extra support
  2. Have your say in plans and decisions made about the support you get
  3. Have someone with you at meetings (called an advocate) to help you share your views and understand what’s going on
  4. Question plans made for you or make an appeal if you’re not happy with what your plans say
  5. Get help to sort out any disagreements about your support.

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