Bullying can happen even when you’re not in school.

While there are lots of amazing opportunities to learn and to connect with friends online, there is sadly also sometimes a distressing side. So it’s important to understand what cyber-bullying is and what you can do about it. When someone uses any sort of technology to bully you, that’s cyber-bullying. Cyber- bullying is stuff like people sending you nasty messages, posting mean photos of you, or saying horrible things about you online. 

Whether it happens face to face or online, bullying is about…. 

7 tips if you’re being bullied online:

  1. If you’re feeling upset about any of the chat in your online classroom like in Microsoft Teams, get in touch with your teacher if they haven’t already contacted you about it 
  2. keep screenshots of any nasty messages or images that you receive
  3. tell someone you trust or get in touch with Childline to talk about your feelings and what you could do
  4. change your social media profiles to private
  5. un-follow people who are upsetting you
  6. remove yourself from any groups online where people aren’t being kind 
  7. block anyone who is sending you messages you’re not happy with.

If you’re being bullied, it can be difficult to know what to do or where to turn. Respectme has lots of tips and videos to help you think about your options.