We need to keep talking about bullying.

Bullying can take many forms, from teasing someone to online bullying on social media. It affects lots of young people and happens in many schools – but it’s the way it’s dealt with which makes the difference.

Reach met with a the Sikh Sanjog youth club to find out a bit more about what they think about bullying.

What do you think would help stop bullying in schools?
  1. Schools should have more adults who come outside [into the playground] and keep watch. They should have 2, 3 or 4 but not 1 person because they really can’t handle it.
  2. In the classroom teachers should maybe have a helper. So while the teacher is teaching the helper is watching to see if anyone is fighting or bullying. Like when people take a pencil and draw on people’s backs, well they should see that.
  3. At our school some of the adults have gone, so we need more teachers. When the teacher goes out of the room then people are talking, maybe someone is hitting somebody… so if there’s another teacher in the room then they’d see.
  4. It’s really important to tell someone if the teacher doesn’t see.
What advice would you give young people who are being bullied at school?
  1. Well, if its at school and if it’s out in the playground then they should just like go up to the teacher and tell them.
  2. Or if it’s in the classroom and they’re getting chased around, and if the person says ‘It wasn’t me it was him!’ then they should just walk away….
  3. Tell the teacher the truth.

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