AP riverside gang group picPupils from Riverside Primary in Stirling have their say about being mentors for people with autism at their school.

Autism is a condition that can affect how a person talks and listens to other people, how they learn and how they make friends. You can watch this ace Fixers film to find out more.

“We are the AP Gang from Riverside Primary School in Stirling. We are a group of Primary Sevens who have responsibility for inclusion and awareness for our autism provision.

AP gang Autism provisionOur role is to support the children in the provision at play times, golden time and during lunch to help them to reach their full potential.

We also raise awareness of autism within the school and our local community. We are going to be going to another school to help support them in the start-up of a programme like ours. We want to help other children and adults to understand and accept the children in the provision for who they are and want to make sure that their experience at school is a happy one. We also realise that we are gaining invaluable skills for the future and hope to work with children or adults with autism or maybe employ someone with autism one day.AP gang plaground

We are all about acceptance and raising awareness and we love what we do.”