5 tips about talking to people at school and making friends when you’ve got autism:

  1. If you find it hard to be around other people for a long time, ask your school if there’s a quiet space where you can chill out.
  2.  Hanging out with people who are into the same things as you can be a good way to make friends. Ask your school or youth worker about youth groups you could join.
  3. If socialising makes you feel really anxious, talking to a counsellor might help you come up with ways to help you manage your anxiety when you’re around other people.
  4. Starting a conversation can be hard. Try to find common ground by talking about things that you know the other person likes too – like a TV show or pop band.
  5. When you’re talking to someone, if you find it hard to work out how they’re feeling, it’s ok to ask them how they feel.

Check out other good advice on making friends and talking to people from the National Autistic Society here.