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Understanding your support needs

Understanding your support needs

If you have additional support needs, you may feel unsure or worried about other people knowing you need extra help. Here, we can help you to think about this and understand your support needs.

There are lots of reasons why someone might need additional support with their learning. Whatever the reason, these things are called additional support needs (or ASNs for short).

An additional support need can be anything that means you need some extra help at school. You can find out more about additional support needs here.

If the reason you need extra support is something that is new, like a diagnosis, it can take a bit of time to adjust and work out how you feel about it.

You might also feel unsure about how you much you want to share with others, which is absolutely fine.

It’s important to remember that you’re not alone in this experience. Many other people understand what you’re going through.

Also, there will be lots of other people in your class or school who get extra support with their learning. You might not be aware because their support might not look the same as the help you need.

Having additional support needs does not make you less capable or intelligent. It just means that you may need a little extra help in certain areas.

You might feel anxious or uncertain, especially if it is something that is new for you. This is a completely natural way to feel, so try not to worry.

Things to know…

Here are 6 important things to know if you feel like you need time to understand your support needs:

If you are 12-15 and finding it difficult to speak to your school, an organisation called My Rights, My Say can help.

You can contact them by hitting the button below:


Do you want to hear from pupils in Scotland who have additional support needs? Then great news – we now have a whole section on Reach dedicated to the Inclusion Ambassadors!

They are a group of young people from across Scotland who get extra help with their learning. They meet to talk about what works well for them at school and what doesn’t work so well.

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