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Feeling down about school

An image of a young person sitting looking worried with thier chin resting on their right hand.

  1. Chat to someone about how you feel. It’s not always easy to talk, but speaking with an adult you trust could be the first step to things getting better for you.
  2. Remember you’re not the only one. Check out what young people told YoungMinds about how they feel and what’s helped them.
  3. Think about what school can do for you. If you struggle to go to school because you feel too depressed or anxious, your school should do everything they can to support you to attend and/or learn from home. Find out here what sorts of things they can do to help you.
  4. Ask for more time. If you are finding school work difficult, ask your teacher for help and more time to do your work. This might help you cope better.
  5. Follow some good advice. Whether it is dealing with exam stress or help with relationships, there is lots of advice you can access.
  6. Try to get a good sleep. You feel worse when you’re tired. Find out more here about how sleep affects how you feel.
  7. Ask for space. If you feel overwhelmed at school and need some quiet time, ask your pastoral care / guidance teacher if there is somewhere you can go in school to relax.

YoungMinds is a charity that has lots of information and tools to help support young people’s mental health. You can find out more and access help on their website.

If you feel anxious about school and want to find out more, then check out our All About ASL: Anxiety page:

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