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Moving from primary to secondary school

Moving from primary to secondary school

An image consisting of a school pupil leaning their head on their right hand. The background is black with a pattern of white arrows which are all different sizes pointing to the right.

It can feel like a big change when moving from primary to secondary school.

The school building will be different, there might be more pupils, different teachers and more homework.

The support you get with your learning may look different too but it should always be support that works for you.

Below are some steps you can follow to help make the transition smoother:

Step 1: Before you move

Before you move from primary to secondary school, you should have a chance to meet the adults that will be supporting you and have a look around your new school.

Discussions about your support should also happen before you move. You should also be involved in decisions being made about what your support will look like.

Step 2: Starting your new school

There are lots of ways you can be supported at secondary school. Once you have started, your school should work with you and your parents or carers to find the support that works for you.

It might look different to the support you got at primary school, but that’s ok as long as it works for you. Your support also needs to be looked at regularly. This will help to make sure it’s working.

What if things aren’t working?

Sometimes it’s the lead up to moving school that can feel the most nerve-wracking part. And sometimes it’s the first few days and weeks that can feel more challenging.

It’s important to remember however that if you feel like you’re struggling at any point, it’s a good idea to talk to someone about it. Try not to put too much pressure on yourself and know that you’re not alone.

Childline has lots more advice about moving schools on their website. Click the button below to visit their website and find out more.

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