Can’t sleep? 4 things that could help

Not getting enough sleep can make it really hard to study, keep up with homework and focus in class. Lots of people struggle to sleep because of worries about school…

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Support for learning

I’m finding it hard to concentrate at school

…information here. Get enough sleep. Being short of sleep will make it very hard to focus your mind. Read our pages about sleep if that’s an issue for you. Give…

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Help Me

I feel down about school

Changing School

Pupil voice: leaving primary school

…I was going into P6 – it felt way too early. It’s like putting on your pyjamas 3 hours before you go to sleep. Which High School? I wanted to…

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Young carers

Young carers’ views – feeling ok?

…down side, the more caring responsibilities you have, the more stressful life can feel. Getting enough sleep can be a problem too as you sometimes help out overnight – one…

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