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‘Our generation’s epidemic’ – young people’s mental health

magazine. The SYP research aimed to find out young people’s views on some important questions about mental health, like… Where do you go to find out info about mental health

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Mental health

Seems like everybody’s talking about mental health

It seems like everybody’s talking about how Scotland can get better at supporting people’s mental health. The Scottish Government have a new plan – called the ten-year Mental Health Strategy….

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Pupil voice: LGBT+ young person – “I am recovering from depression and anxiety… mainly because of bullying at school.” 

…people’s mental health. LGBT Youth Campaign about mental health The good news is that a group of young people at LGBT Youth have been campaigning for change, as Zee –…

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Mental health

Know your rights – health


Did you know you have the right to good health care when you’re ill or struggling with your mental health?

Find out more about your rights from the Children and Young People’s Commissioner.

Your rights

Speaking up about mental health issues

Finding it hard to stay positive? Like lots of pupils, Jenna struggled with anger issues when she was having a hard time at school. She talked about how she was feeling and got support through her House Base.

Out of school

A guide to teenage health

Being off sick is a common reason for young people to miss school. For your one stop shop guide to teen health, get the lowdown from Young Scot.

Get the lowdown on health from Young Scot.

Mental health

5 tips if you’re feeling down, by a guy whose been through it

Jonny Benjamin knows what he’s talking about when it comes to mental health. Jonny has struggled with mental illness since he was very young. In school he felt different, struggled…

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Chronic illness

How it feels to have a long term health condition

This HealthTalk film has stories from young people living with conditions like epilepsy, arthritis and diabetes.

Having your say

What do YOU think of Reach….?

…to a young person’s eyes. We think the website is not just a resource for those who are struggling with mental health or are being bullied. It’s a resource for…

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Support for learning

I’m finding it hard to concentrate at school

mental health information here. Get enough sleep Being short of sleep will make it very hard to focus your mind. Read our pages about sleep if that’s an issue for…

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