We can’t take our exams. What happens now?

Understand how you’ll be graded when you can’t take exams during coronavirus Because of coronavirus, the Scottish Government has decided that exams and coursework assessments for all Scottish school pupils…

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How to get through your exams

The SQA website has lots of useful stuff to help you through exams like how to get your results by text to your phone and tips for exam day 


Ten top tips for exams

The ColouredScribbles YouTuber makes getting tips on exams that little bit more colourful and easy to digest….


Stressed about exams?

Feeling stressed about exams? Check out these tips to help you cope with revision and deal with the worries you might have about exam day and not getting the grades….

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Mental health

Exams – not got the grades?

Exam results stress? Advice from young people at Aye Mind 

Looking for more resources to support mental well being – click here.


Exams: Understanding how your brain works can help you study better

Out of school

Changes to education because of Coronavirus

…happens now? If you are due to sit exams find out what schools closures mean for you here. We can’t take our exams. What happens now? Keeping up to date….

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Your rights

Inclusive Education

…young people are involved in this training. Extra time for classwork and in exams. Each school should have a pupil forum to think about how to make their school inclusive….

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Pupil voice: what your teacher can do to support you if you have dyslexia

…help support you. Give you more time to do your work and more time in exams. Encourage you to use technology, like an iPad for spell checking. Allow your work…

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Help Me

I need help to learn or feel included in school