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Care Experience

An image of a cut-out of a young person with a green filter. The background fades from blue on the left to yellow on the right and has darker shaded circles dotted uniformly.

Cares? Scotland supports care experienced people to have their voice heard. They are a membership organisation who have over 3,700 care experienced members. They are all different ages with different…

Young Carers

…support for young carers in Scotland. What is a Young Carer? A young carer is a young person under 18 who takes care of someone (often a family member) who…

When things at home affect your learning

An image of a wall with a mural painted on. The wall art consists of a variety of funny faces that depict all different emotions. They area variety of colours.

…country and not knowing if you can stay ⚪️ Helping to care for someone at home ⚪️ Being homeless or in temporary housing ⚪️ Being a young person with experience of care ⚪️ Having a…

All About ASL

…also shares her experience of having dyslexia. What is ASL? All About ASL Young Carers Find out all about being a young carer and additional support with your learning. Find…


An image with a blue and purple faded background. At the centre there is a cut-out image of a young person.

…plan to support you. Do you want to hear from an autistic young person about their experience of school? Check out this page where Jordan shares their own experience. Advice…


An image with an orange hexagonal patterned background. At the centre there is a cut-out image of a young person.

…what help is available. Meg, who is a member of the Inclusion Ambassadors, also shares her experience of having dyslexia and the things that have helped her. What is Dyslexia?…

Your Say: Abby on Dyslexia and Changing Schools

An image of a young person sitting with their head in their hands. The background is made up of triangular shapes that blend from purple on the left to turquoise on the right. To the left of the young person is the Reach Your Say icon. This icon in a light blue letter C with a smiling face at the centre of it and lines coming from it that denote having your say.

…is a pupil who goes to secondary school in Scotland and has dyslexia. Abby’s Experience She has shared her thoughts and experiences Dyslexia Scotland’s magazine Dyslexia Voice, and this is…


An image with a green and blue zig-zag patterned background. At the centre there is a cut-out image of a young person.

…also important to be aware that not everyone who has ADHD experiences it in the same way. How people experience ADHD can vary at different times and in different environments….

What is ASL?

An image with a purple background and blue and black text that reads: 'what is additional support for learning?' Net to this text is the Reach icon for 'questions', which consists of a red question mark inside a blue letter 'Q'.

…needs, we’ve listed some examples below: Being bullied Moving schools Experience of care Behavioural difficulties Being a young carer A physical difficulty Neurodiversity English as an additional language Problems at…

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