Advice about children’s rights to education and support

everyone has
the right to

REACH can help you understand your rights to support with your learning and your rights to be included, listened to and involved in decisions about your education.  


Getting the

Your rights

your rights to
support with
your learning

Inclusion Ambassadors

school should
help me be the
best I can be

What is ASL?

Find out more about additional support for learning (ASL) and additional support needs (ASN)

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Latest News

Inclusion Ambassadors

Find out about the 2023 Success Looks Different Awards – created by the Inclusion Ambassadors to recognise how success can be celebrated differently.

Pupil Support

Find out about what pupils think is important about the support staff that are there to help them in school.

ASL Review

In 2022 the Scottish Government published an update about the ASL Review. Find out here what has been done so far.